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Exciting news from the browns


To our friends and family,

Obe and I are so excited to let you all know that we are officially working on a worship album! For the last several years we have had such an incredible experience of revelation of who we are in Christ and in doing so we have felt a renewed passion to write worship songs. Our focus in 2018 was to not only write as much as we could but to be intentional and focus on very corporate songs with theologically sound lyrics. We have had people with much more knowledge than ourselves helping us with that goal in mind and we are excited to kick things off. As much time as Obe and I have spent in making music and writing, for the most part it has been done for other artists and not for ourselves. The few projects we have been able to do for ourselves have always had extreme time limitations, such as two days to do an entire album, and as a result we have never been able to create something that we feels is truly "us". This project will be our first experience to be able to spend the time to create something that we feel represents us to the fullest. 

With all of that said, we would love to have all of the people in our lives who have been a part of our journey to partner with us in this venture. As excited as we are about this project, we would love your help in making this possible. Any financial gift would be so greatly appreciated but more than that we would love your prayers over this venture. Not only are we believing for the completion of this project but we are working on some Worship Development curriculum that we plan to launch this year as well. Obe and I have spent the last several years not only leading worship and writing but teaching and helping to develop future worship leaders. We feel the Spirit nudging us to make these things available so we have started moving forward with both projects this year. Lastly, this past holiday season we began writing songs for an original Christmas album and we would love to see our other two projects completed so that we can have time for the holiday project. All of you know that I am a Christmas fanatic so I'm sure you're not surprised. As you can see we have big goals for this year. It's been too long in coming and we have felt it time to put our focus on these projects.

We love you all and have been so loved and encouraged by you that we wanted to make it available for any partners who want to join us. There have been so many of you that have been pushing and yes, even shoving, for us to make this happen. We are finally listening! We began this project with no intention of opening this up for partnering and then felt that it was a mistake because we know there are those of you that would love to pour into our ministry. We have learned that communication is key in doing life and ministry with others. So, this is Obe and I communicating that the Lord is going to make it possible for us to make this worship album but we would love to join together with our loved ones for this journey. We are so excited to see what our Father is going to do and we are going to continue to love life and see good days by His grace! Thank you all!

Grace and peace to you,

Amber and Obe Brown

Yay for casey j

As many of you know, Obe had the amazing opportunity to co-write and play acoustic guitar, mandolin, and banjo on Casey J's album The Gathering. It was a wonderful experience and we are thrilled to let you all know the album debut at number 2 on the Billboard Gospel Album Sales Chart!!! We are so proud for her success and grateful to be a part of this project!

One of the songs Obe co-wrote with Casey J

Hosanna from The Gathering album

Obe had a wonderful opportunity to track guitar for Jamie Grace!

Jamie Grace, Daughter of the King

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