About Us

Just A little background


We were best friends who turned into high school sweethearts. We have been married since December 2000. I grew up in music ministry with my mom as the choir director and my aunt as a pianist. Obe got involved when he joined our church and became a musician for the worship team. We have been working together in music and in ministry since we met and it's been our vocation since 2004. We are worship leaders, teachers, speakers, singer-songwriters, and best friends.

what we do


Our love of music and our love of Jesus usually intersect but we also make music outside of ministry. Though a big part of our work is leading worship, we also write songs for many genres and part of our job in music is studio work and corporate events. Obe is a musician who plays guitar (acoustic, electric, and bass) and keys. He spends time engineering, producing, and tracking. I (Amber) am an authoress, speaker, and vocalist. We also teach worship development for those interested in becoming or growing as a worship leader. 

where revelation is taking us


On our journey together we have gotten a revelation of the identity we have in Christ through His amazing grace and we are passionate about sharing that Good News. We are loving life, seeing good days and continuously growing in His amazing grace. We want others to have the incredible peace and joy that we have found through the grace of God. Our heart is to bring  the heaven that we've found to as many as possible.

We are so incredibly blessed and favored! We get to work, make music, and share with others together. Life doesn’t get much better than that!

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